Creating an Original Music Track (Aggressive Electronx by FSudol)

Creating an Original Music Track (Aggressive Electronx by FSudol). This video demonstrates a sample of how I create each song, through step recording. This is created on Garageband. As far as my next AE album, it’s getting there, though I would like to incorporate some songs from it into my animated feature film, City of Rott: Otherworld, which is in development, so that may delay things in that regard. Thanks for being a fan.  -FSudol

Aggressive Electronx’ Favorite Tracks

Listed below are some samples of my favorite tracks. I was inspired by Yuzo Koshiro from the Streets of Rage series, and have been creating electronic music ever since 1995 when I got my first chance to use a step recording Electronic Keyboard, though these days, I create everything from scratch using music creation software Garage Band allows you to create instruments and notes at will. Great program that closely resembles the MTV Music Generator on the PS1 and PS2, which I used to create music with.

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New LP Album “Bone Crusher” Now Available!


On January 24, 2015, F. Sudol of Aggressive Electronx is pleased to announce the release of the new LP Album “Bone Crusher” AE004. This marks the fifth full length album from AE, and consists of 15 all original, Heavy Electronica tracks sure to please fans of aggressive, action packed electronic music. The entire album is digitally available for only $5 now at:


In addition, all prior releases from AE000 to AE003 have been remastered for a more consistent, more powerful sound. Each album is also available on bandcamp for $5 each, or $1 each song if you choose.

Fans of aggressive electronic music, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Pedulum, NIN, Front Line Assembly and similar Acts may want to tune in to hear what Aggressive Electronx has to offer.


Production Complete on New Album for 2015

The final songs have been completed and finalized for the new AE004 album, currently entitled “Bone Crusher”, featuring 15 planned tracks. This 5th album from AE will appear in early 2015 and bring the aggression as expected for the 15 mostly instrumental tracks, featuring some of the best work from Aggressive Electronx to date. More later…

AE going for pure Electronica Instrumentals.

Aggressive Electronx will be soon undergoing a new change in the spirit of pure Electronica Instrumentals. All current and future albums included, the goal is the let the music stand on its own without any vocals to distract from the sounds, as was the case with F. Sudol’s earlier electronic work with Factre (Factory) years ago. Expect to see the change by sometime in 2015. -AE

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